Dear Client,
News of COVID-19 and its spread has certainly caused angst in many in our society. Businesses are shutting down, workers are sick, and income is being lost. That with the general panic, in general, are confusing because no one really knows where this will go, if it’s a cause for panic, or if it will wane out in the near future. We certainly are hoping for the settling back down, but we know you have questions and we want to have the best answers available for you.

To that end, we have been researching insurance coverages, talking to experts and reading massive amounts of information so we know how to give you answers. The long and short of this is, every insurance claim is different so there is no one set answer to give you. The likelihood of coverage in your policies, even pollution policies, is limited. But, know that we still will want to talk to you if you have a loss, get all the pertinent information from you and report it to your carrier. Since every claim has different causes or effects, the insurance company needs to have time to investigate.

While we can’t give you definite answers, please know that we are on your side and want to help you. We hate that so many of you may be harmed because of shutdowns or slowdowns in the market/economy and want to be there for you. So, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We do have many resources available to us and we will use all those to serve you as best we know how.

I’ve attached a few articles that you may find helpful. In the meantime, be sure to take the following
steps to mitigate any possibility of a continued spread of this virus.

  1. Wash your hands regularly. More than ever, wash those hands!
  2. Cover coughs and sneezes with tissues or your elbow if needed.
  3. Stay home and encourage employees also to stay home if they are ill.
  4. Make arrangements for work to be done from home if that becomes necessary. We have because we want to be available to you.
  5. Keep your areas sanitized and clean.

A little “over-caution” should help keep us all safe and healthy.

Thank you for your business. I’ve said it already, but if you need us, please let us know. We have cells and will be available as we can transfer our office phones to those cells. We are prepared to be in business to take care of you through this pandemic and into whatever the next thing holds for us.

We are strong and resilient, we can overcome!

LaDeena James, CEO

Downloadable Resources

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