5 Questions To Ask Before You File An Insurance Claim

Brad JamesPost written by Brad James, Customer Service Representative 

If you’re lucky, you’ll go through your entire life without having to file an insurance claim. But chances are most of us will experience this at some point in our lives.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you think that an insurance claim needs to be filed, we recommend you consider the following:

5 Important Questions To Ask Before You File An Insurance Claim

1. What type of claim is it?
Is it only damage to property or was someone also hurt? If the answer is someone was also hurt, forget all of the other questions below and call your insurance broker immediately. Don’t ever try to solve it on your own.

2. What is your deductible?
If the estimate for damages is below or right at your deductible, consider paying for them out of pocket. Get an estimate before a claim is filed (only if the damage is minor, of course).

5 Questions3. How will this claim affect my premium?
Depending on the type of claim and the insurance company, a claim can affect future premiums. For example, some insurance companies will not “ding” you for a hail or wind claim. The rationale is that it’s not your fault you live where the weather impacted you. It’s always a good idea to check with your agent on this before filing a claim.

4. Is there another way to pay for the damage?
Consider whether you have a home warranty (for say a damaged appliance) or if you have AAA for towing or roadside assistance.

5. Who has the damaged property?
If you have a tree from your yard that hits your neighbor’s house or if you back into a family member’s car, these can be sticky situations. Just be careful that you don’t ruin a relationship over trying to solve the problem yourself.

Any time you’re hit with a potential claim, it can be tough to figure out what to do. So before you immediately think you need to file a claim, it’s always good to ask yourself these 5 questions.

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