CELEBRATE Good Times…C’mon!

Post written by Deena James, President of Krueger & James | Service Above Self | Proud Grandmother | Woman of Faith | Chiefs Fanatic

I’ve read many blogs and heard many radio spots on the Kansas City Royals in the past several weeks. What an amazing story of the power of a TEAM!  The Royals weren’t supposed to be in the World Series. No one in their right mind would have picked them after the past 29 years. But here they are!  And why?  It’s because they epitomized what it means to be a TEAM.

Deena James

Deena James

Nothing got in the way of their dream to make the World Series. No one person was more important that the other. When the times were tough, when they were losing game after game during this season, they lifted each other up. They have clubhouse leaders that keep their eyes on the prize. Seems simple, but I really do believe that a TEAM can accomplish anything they put their mind and hearts into.

Oh yeah…and they really know how to CELEBRATE!

What can we learn for the Royals celebrations? They celebrate every success. They don’t wait until they win that BIG World Series trophy; they celebrate each and every step along the way to the BIG goal. They celebrated that Wild card game, they celebrated winning the ALDS, and they celebrated winning the ALCS.  Without each step, they couldn’t move on to the next.

And all of this celebrating brings me to the team at Krueger & James. Every year we start with written goals.  Every decision made in the agency is based on our mission statement, values, culture and goals.

We try to do what’s right every time. That’s not easy. Some of the decisions we make that are best for a client are not so great for us, but we do it anyway.

When I look at the Royals and compare them to our agency, I get really encouraged. We have a goal, we play as a team, we don’t listen to naysayers, we work our plan and we keep our eyes on the prize.

Oh yeah…and we CELEBRATE!

We celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, new accounts, current client success, and more. Oh, and we also have plain old parties just to have FUN. As one example, on a Friday evening in September, we all met with our families for potluck food, games, kids in the backyard while my puppy chased them all, and really enjoyed so much quality time together. I watched this team talking to each other, their families interacting and just smiled.  This is what championships are made of!

To close this out, a quote from John Maxwell:

“Taking a break to celebrate is good for you. If nothing is ever good enough, you can lose heart. Celebrating encourages you. It helps inspire you to keep going. Don’t underestimate it’s power.”