Everyone Needs Insurance….But Why?

Post written by Knicki Fijal, Account Executive – Personal Lines

I’ve been working as an account manager in the personal lines department of Krueger & James Insurance Agency for a little over 2 years. Learning, growing and training has always been the foundation for our agency.

So when I was recently offered the opportunity to go to a customer service/sales training in Iowa, with Nationwide Insurance, I was excited. I’ve learned so much over the past two years and I’m eager to train and learn more. 

Knicki FijalI traveled up to Des Moines, checked into the hotel and settled into my room. I wasn’t sure what the next few days would bring but I was ready to dive into this new experience. That morning I shuttled over to the Allied training center and entered the classroom. I was excited, anxious and ready to learn.

The next few days took us on a journey, one that expanded our knowledge on the products we provide, why these products are important, and more importantly HOW we communicate and connect insurance and the importance of insurance to our clients.

I really enjoyed learning more about our homeowners, auto, and umbrella coverages, but the real eye opener was how we take our knowledge and training and provide a better understanding of insurance to our clients. This training expanded on how we make the connections with our clients and identify their needs.

Everyone needs insurance…but why?

This was a recurring theme throughout our training. Many of us have insurance because we were told we need it. We have to have auto insurance to drive. We have to have homeowners insurance because our mortgage company requires it or we want coverage to protect our belongings.

Before getting my license in insurance I had no clue what all of the insurance coverages meant, but I knew I had to have it. My days in training reminded me that there are a lot of us who may be in that same boat. We have been told that we need insurance for one reason or another, but it’s never really been explained why it’s important.

So I left the training with a lot of knowledge, but I also walked away a little more humbled. Not everyone is an insurance expert or even knows why they need the coverages they have.

At Krueger & James, part of our  mission statement is to “Provide a world class customer experience,  pursue industry knowledge and expertise, and listen and understand our clients needs.”

When I returned to work the following week, I had a much better understanding of how we provide that to our customers. So when you call or stop by the office, know that you don’t have to be an insurance expert. That’s our job.

We know how to share our knowledge with you, discover your insurance needs, and explain why and how insurance benefits you, your family, your business…or all of the above. In the end, I feel blessed with the knowledge I have as an agent and the opportunity to provide peace of mind to everyone I talk to.