Yes, Virginia, Golf Is Work…By Scott Pearson

Post written by Scott Pearson, General Manager at Krueger & James Insurance/Christian/Civil War Nerd/Future Scratch Golfer

Scott Pearson

Scott Pearson

Have you ever met a person in insurance sales that doesn’t play golf? If you have, then you’ve met a very rare member of this unique fraternity.

To be in insurance sales, you really need to have a competitive fire. Golf is a great way to fan that fire. You also learn a lot about people when you spend four hours (or more) in a golf cart with them.

The CEO of a major corporation was being interviewed one time and said he would always play golf with his young, up and coming, sales force and young executives. He stated he could learn more about people in 18 holes of golf than he could reading their resume or speaking to any reference they could ever provide.

Golf is a game of integrity. It’s one, if not the only, self-policing sport there is. It’s expected that you will play the ball where it lies and not move it to a more favorable spot.

You keep track of your own score. You hunt for your ball in the weeds. If you find you hit the wrong ball, you’re supposed to tell your partner, and your opponent, that you made a mistake and penalize yourself. You get to see if your playing partner has integrity or not…by seeing if they play by the rules.

At Krueger & James we play in several fundraising golf tournaments. Often the special event is put on by one of our clients or a civic organization we’re a member of or one we support. We usually donate prizes or giveaways to help support the event.

A lot of times we ask our clients to play as a “Thank You” for allowing us to handle their insurance needs.
So, without question, at least from my perspective, golf is very much work related.

We’re just really happy it’s so much fun too.

Jason and Scott